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Free Intro to Dog Training Get dog training help right away in Seattle! Registration is easy online and classes include a free, instant 100+ digital download packed full of training and problem solving tips. There is also free, easy parking at our classes. Click the images below to see how our multi-award-winning Seattle puppy and dog training school can help you!

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Ahimsa is

Ahimsa Dog Training, LLC (DoggieZen.com) has a loyal family of puppy and dog training clients in the Seattle area. They've voted our dog training school as #1 in several "Best of Seattle" / "Best of Western Washington State" contests, including King 5 TV, CityDog Magazine, citysearch.com, NWsource, Seattle Dog Magazine, and more! Click here to read about our awards.


Dog Training in Seattle That Fits Your Values

Puppy Training Class Student

Dog training is more than dog "obedience." Good dog training improves relationships and communication and includes socialization as part of puppy training. A study by University of Bristol's School of Veterinary Science found that dogs who attended puppy school were 1.5 times less likely to show aggression to strangers.

The Seattle area has wide variety of dog trainers and dog behavior counselors, from old-fashioned dog obedience training schools that rely on choke chains or prong collars to reward-based dog trainers with clickers to help you train your dog or puppy to actively participate in the training process. 

Before you choose a "dog whisperer" for your professional dog trainer or pick a dog obedience class from one of the many Seattle area dog training schools, make sure you are comfortable with applying their dog training methods to your puppy.

...Or even your child, because you will start to apply the methods from your dog training class to the rest of your life! [To learn more about Zen and the Art of Dog Training in Seattle at Ahimsa, read our dog and puppy training philosophy.]

Green Dog Training!

Our philosophy of Ahimsa, or non-violence, extends beyond dog training to how we treat the Earth.  Our school is in the EPA's Green Power Partnership and Seattle City Light's Green Up Program. Click to read about more ways that Ahimsa Dog Training is Green.


Dog Training in Seattle That Makes Sense

Puppy Training Class Student

Ahimsa's Seattle dog and puppy training classes help you train your dog using a clicker (or a voice marker, like "Yes") to teach the dog exactly what you want.  During training, the dog or puppy (or cat!) associates the clicker with a reward, like food.  Clicker training even works for deaf dogs, by using a visual signal instead of the clicker.

Some dog training schools in the Seattle area have been slow to adopt the clicker in dog training.  It's a myth that clicker trained dogs or puppies won't listen to you without the clicker. See our clicker trained dog video.

Dogs and puppies are trained very quickly with the clicker, without force, which is why we train dogs with clicker training at Ahimsa. To learn more about clicker training your Seattle dog or puppy at our school, read our free dog clicker training article. Better yet, join one of our Seattle Dog Training Classes!

*French Bulldog puppy photo at top is by Alyssa Rose Photography.

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