Puppy Training Camp – for Puppies up to 4.5 Months Old

Build a solid foundation for a smart, loving dog that fits in with your family.

Leave your puppy with Certified professionals to jump-start your puppy’s training and socialization in a carefully controlled environment. There are 3 staff members (2 trainers plus an assistant) for a maximum of 8 puppies.

Training: Puppy Training Camp is a highly personalized program. You pick the 3 behaviors you would like your puppy to work on. The trainer will go over your puppy’s daily report card when you pick your puppy up midday.

Socialization: Puppy Training Camp is structured so that each puppy spends time training, socializing and learning to settle around distractions. Play is two puppies or three puppies at a time and is carefully supervised to build appropriate social skills.

Times: Puppy Training Camp is Monday through Thursday. Book by the week, and have your puppy come as many weeks as you want. Drop your puppy off between 7:30-8am, pick-up between 11:30am-12noon. Work during the day? No problem! We have coordinated with professional dog walkers that you can hire to drive your puppy to and/or from Puppy Training Camp. Information on companies to contact is on the instruction page you will receive after you register.

Class Name Time InfoDate(s)Skip Date(s) Register Price
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies3/25 to 3/28-
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies4/1 to 4/4-
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies4/8 to 4/11-
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies4/15 to 4/18-
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies4/22 to 4/25-
Puppy Day Camp7:30am-11:30am2 to 4.5 month old puppies4/29 to 5/2-

We recommend the puppies in Puppy Training Camp also take Ahimsa’s Puppy Kindergarten, so that you can learn how to practice the skills we teach in camp at home! Be sure to reschedule any weekday classes that overlap with camp to give your puppy a chance to rest. If you aren’t able to attend Puppy Kindergarten, we’d still love to help you and your puppy camper.

NO Daycare/Dog Park Anti-Germ Policy: To ensure a safe and germ-free environment for our students, puppies enrolled in Puppy Camp or Puppy Kindergarten cannot be in high-risk areas where they may contact germs and potentially spread them to other puppies. This includes dog daycare and dog parks and is applicable even if the puppy has completed all of its shots (since they may be in contact with puppies who have only had the first round and are not fully protected yet).

If the class you want is full, let us know! Add yourself to the wait list. We will contact you if there is an opening in that class or when new Day Camp sessions are posted to the website.