Puppy Classes: Training and Socialization

You can start classes with your puppy at 8 weeks old! Early socialization experiences are crucial for helping puppies become confident, relaxed adults. Our primary goal in our puppy classes is to introduce puppies to new things in a positive way, and to empower owners to continue the critical socialization work outside of class. At Ahimsa we’ll be introducing your puppy to new people and puppies in a way that is dictated by your individual puppy’s needs, and teaching you how to help your puppy interact safely and confidently with the world around them. Puppies are exposed to unusual objects (like skateboards, vacuum cleaners, and motorcycle helmets), strange sounds, careful body handling exercises, and lots more!

In addition to learning about new things, we’ll work through some important foundation behavior skills such as using a soft mouth (we know those little puppy teeth can hurt!), and potty training. We also work on obedience skill such as  waiting for tempting treats and toys, drop it, leave it, come, leash walking and keeping all four feet on the floor when greeting people.

Puppy Class Logistics

How old does my puppy need to be to start classes, and what vaccinations should they have?

Your puppy can safely start puppy class as early as 8 weeks old, and they will need to have their first set of puppy shots (DHPP or DLPP) plus 10 days for the vaccinations to “kick in.”  Our dog training facility is professionally cleaned with a virucide EVERY night and we wash toys and water bowls between classes to maintain as safe and clean an environment as possible.

How do puppy classes work?

Our classes for 2-5 month old puppies are rolling admission so you can start anytime, and you can manage your schedule online by logging in to swap classes around. For example, if you see a class opening on Monday night but would like to come to the next open Saturday, you can purchase a spot in the Monday class and then log in to swap your reservations around to suit your schedule! For more information about rolling admission classes, check out our FAQ page.

How do I prepare for puppy classes?

When you sign up for a class, you’ll receive an email with class instructions, as well as a link to download the Ahimsa Dog Training Manual.

Ahimsa’s free seminar is a great place to start to get a better idea of how we train, how to teach your puppy some basic behaviors, and to get some of your questions answered about our classes. We recommend that anyone signing up for a training class takes this seminar, but given how important it is that puppy socialization starts early, please feel free to begin puppy classes before you attend the seminar – we can get you caught up in class!