Indoor Private Dog Park

2,000+ square feet and a rubber mat floor!

Come play or train inside with your dog or with a few doggie friends! Ahimsa has expanded so we now have a new, large training room for rent as an indoor private dog park. Located right in Seattle – the same building as our main classroom in Ballard. The new room has the same open space, padded floors, high ceilings and skylights that you have seen in our main classroom. There is a large parking space and a disabled parking space right in front of the room so you can unload and load your dog and any training equipment easily.

You can book your 50 minute session for the indoor private dog park online:

  • one session for on one training and play with your dog (1 dog)
  • one session for your dog and a doggie friend (2 dogs total)
  • one session for your dog and a 2 doggie friends (3 dogs total)

Prerequisites: All dogs must have taken classes or private lessons at Ahimsa.

Ideal for:

  • reactive dogs who have issues with people or other dogs
  • high energy dogs who need room to run without distractions
  • older dogs who need to exercise in a safe space
  • dogs (and people) who just want to stay warm and dry
  • dog who are practicing obedience skills or basic agility

Room Includes the use of:

  • jumps
  • tunnels
  • toys
  • flirt pole

Contact the office if you would like to rent the room with the A-frame, platform and tire.

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