Our Team

Wynona Karbo


Wynona is the owner of Ahimsa and a co-host of the radio show, “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” on KIRO 97.3 FM. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental Psychology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer who specializes in the prevention and rehabilitation of dogs with fear and aggression issues. Wynona’s journey into helping dogs with major behavior issues started with Xena, her Beagle mix, a former foster dog who became part of the family. She’s also an expert at basic dog manners and is great at working with families with children.

At Reed, Wynona studied under Dr. Allen Neuringer, a well-noted psychologist in the field of experimental analysis of behavior pioneered by B. F. Skinner, the founder of operant conditioning. Skinner invented the operant conditioning chamber which made possible much of the research that clicker training is based on. During her college years, Wynona volunteered in the Washington Park Zoo’s education outreach program.

Prior to attending Reed, Wynona completed a full-time, year internship at the San Francisco SPCA. She worked in the animal behavior department counseling pet owners about their pets’ behavior problems and training shelter dogs. She also worked in the SPCA’s education department, adoption outreach program, and pet-facilitated therapy program. In the evenings, she assisted with dog training classes at Sirius Dog Training, owned by Ian Dunbar, DVM. Dr. Dunbar is a respected animal behaviorist, author, and the founder of APDT, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

After Reed, Wynona worked at the Oregon Regional Primate Center. She spent two years conducting behavioral research on infant rhesus macaques and was listed as a contributor on several journal articles. Wynona started a pet boarding business, the Mutt & Me, B&B. She operated this business and fostered dogs for 7 years before moving to Seattle.

Wynona currently lives with two dogs, Billy and Gabi.  She directly rescued Billy, a Shiba mix, who had dog aggression issues. She adopted Gabi, the Seattle Humane Society pet of the week on the “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” show.

If you are in class at Ahimsa with Wynona and would like to contact her, you can email her at wynona@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Adriane Villanueva


Adriane Villanueva is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, has a Bachelors of Science in Managerial Economics, and is a Certified Public Accountant. Dog training is her passion, and it shows!

Adriane has attended a Poultry in Motion workshop (“Chicken Camp”) with dog training pioneer, Terry Ryan, where she practiced her clicker training skills on chickens. She is also certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross.

Adriane has always loved animals, especially dogs. She became hooked on clicker training after she adopted Penny, an Australian Shepherd. Adriane attended Puppy Kindergarten and Advanced Puppy at Ahimsa Dog Training.

If you are in class at Ahimsa with Adriane and would like to contact her specifically about that class, or if you have a question for the office, you can email her directly at adriane@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Amber Hardin


While all of our trainers are good with people, Amber Hardin is actually a trained expert in human issues. With a Masters degree in conflict resolution, she worked as a mediator and researcher in Washington D.C and for Peace Corps as a health facilitator in Guatemala. It was in Guatemala, where the poor conditions and treatment of dogs changed her focus from people to dogs.

Since returning to Seattle from Guatemala, she has dedicated her to time to learning and working with dogs. She completed a canine behavioral analysis and counseling program, worked as a professional dog walker, completed an externship for Ahimsa and attended different dog training and behavior seminars led by Sophia Yin, Sarah Kalnajs, Grisha Stewart, Debbie Jacobs, and Chirag Patel. Amber initially joined the Ahimsa team to start our premier Puppy Day Camp program and now teaches dog training classes and private lessons. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.

If you are in a dog training class, puppy day camp, or private dog training lesson at Ahimsa with Amber and would like to contact her specifically about that session, you can email her directly at amber@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Klara Hanincova

Ph.D., CTP

Klara has a PhD degree in zoology. She is also a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

Klara attended the 2015 ClickerExpo, an event dedicated to the science and application of clicker training, where she learned about the latest training techniques from the world’s foremost positive reinforcement experts such as Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao and Sarah Owings. She has also attended “Stress and Other Causes of Behavior Problems” seminar by Anders Hallgren.

Klara’s serious interest in dog training sparked in early 2014 when she adopted extremely shy and fearful Evie – a one year old Maltese and Silky terrier mix. Committed to help Evie conquer her fears, Klara turned to Ahimsa for help.

She knew that dog training was her destiny as soon as she realized that the modern approach to the dog training and behavior problems employs ethical, force-free techniques based on fundamental scientific principles of animal behavior and learning.

For Klara, it is incredibly rewarding to see dogs overcoming their personal limitations and building their social skills.

If you are in a dog training class or private dog training lesson at Ahimsa with Klara and would like to contact her specifically to schedule a session, you can email her directly at klara@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Rachel Agent


Rachel Agent has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Secondary teaching certificate from Chapman University, Orange, California. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, a Certified Training Partner by the Karen Pryor Academy, and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Rachel completed Terry Ryan’s Coaching People to Train Their Dogs, Course I and the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior. She has also attended a dog aggression and advanced dog training seminars by Kathy Sdao, Grisha Stewart, and Patricia McConnell and a clicker trainer survey course by Bob Bailey (“Chicken Camp”). Rachel is currently enrolled in future Bob Bailey courses through Legacy Dog Training.

Rachel became interested in clicker training when she adopted Breda, at that time a large, one year old, rambunctious, untrained dog found in the woods of Idaho, and Rachel knew they needed help.

She attended “Ahimsa’s Basic Manners class and she saw how effective and beneficial clicker training was, not just in developing desired behavior, but also in developing a wonderful relationship between her and Breda.

It is this relationship that she wants to continue building with all dogs and their humans. She also believes that communication is the core of all relationships and that the clicker is an invaluable tool for communicating with our dogs.

To help other dogs get a second chance, Rachel volunteers with the Seattle Animal Shelter in their dog walking and training program. She lives in Seattle with her six “kids”: Breda (Airedale/Golden), Tilburg (Yorkipoo), Meowy (cat), and three clicker-trained rats.

If you are in class at Ahimsa with Rachel and would like to contact her, you can email her at rachel@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Frank Fu

Frank Fu started at Ahimsa Dog Training as a student in Growly Dog class with his rehomed dog, Lafayette. Frank was a trainer and member in the Seattle Flydogs flyball club, but Lafayette’s flyball career was doomed because of his reactivity to other dogs. Frank was a sharp student in the Growly Dog class and he quickly fell in love with dog training. He began volunteering for Growly Dog class and other classes at Ahimsa every chance that he could get so that he could learn more about his new passion. He has attended several training seminars including “Making the Impossible – Possible!” with Ken Ramirez, “Aggression: From Brain to Bite” with Chirag Patel, and the 5-day BAT Instructor’s course with Grisha Stewart.

Frank was one of our original Puppy Camp counselors and has helped countless puppies become more social and better trained.

If you are in a dog training class, puppy day camp or other service at Ahimsa with Frank and would like to contact him specifically about that session, you can email him directly at frank@doggiezen.com. For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Ken Bowman


In 2012 Ken started working as a dog walker, and enrolled in Growly Dog to help his reactive rescued pit bull Thea. The new force free methods of dog training inspired him to learn more and he began working at Puppy Camp at Ahimsa. Since then Ken has attended Clicker Expo 2015, and seminars with Anders Halgren and Lori Stevens. He has continued professionally dogwalking, specializing in leash reactive dogs, has been assisting and leading classes at Ahimsa. Thea learned to live peacefully with other dogs and enjoyed helping Ken in his work walking with dogs.

Ellen Sisk


Ellen Sisk has a Master’s degree in Biology and has worked as an assistant trainer at Ahimsa since 2010, and a trainer since 2016. She is a graduate of the Seattle School of Canine Studies, and in 2015 she earned her certificate in professional dog training (CPDT-KA).

Ellen has attended many seminars given by leaders in positive reinforcement training such as Chirag Patel, Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, Anders Hallgren and Kathy Sdao. These seminars, in addition to current research, have fueled her excitement for the science of animal behavior and its relevance to teaching people how to teach their pets.

Ellen honed her clicker skills training chickens at Chicken Camp with Terry Ryan. It was while working with Terry that she gained a robust appreciation of the power of clicker training and the necessity of accurate timing!

She is committed to helping dogs and people develop a bond of trust, and she is especially passionate about giving dogs choices to allow them as much control over their behavior as is possible in our modern world.

Ellen lives with her dog Sage.

For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Mary Fox


Mary became interested in dog training in 1995, when she adopted a powerful, reactive dog from the Seattle Animal Shelter. A fascination with dog training commenced, searching for strategies to help her dog with the challenges of reactivity.

This search has guided Mary to the gentle and positive training techniques advocated by Ahimsa. She has assisted in the Growly dog classes, and many other classes at Ahimsa. Mary attended the 5-day Instructor’s Course in Behavior Adjustment Training, with Grisha Stewart, in 2014. Mary is a co-instructor in the BAT clinics. She has been training dogs professionally since 2009.

Mary has deep gratitude for all the lessons that amazing canines and their humans offer. She finds it very rewarding to be able to assist in expanding the bond between humans and canines.

Additionally, Mary volunteered at the Seattle Animal Shelter and is certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross. She has attended seminars with Patricia McConnell and Grisha Stewart, “ BAT and Aggression and Play” and Anders Hallgren, “Stress and Other Causes of Behavior Problems”.

For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at info@doggiezen.com, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.

Lindsey Burns


Lindsey earned a BA at Seattle Pacific University in Individual and Family Development with a minor in Psychology. While in college, Lindsey began fostering dogs. Her first foster dog had many behavioral quirks. Lindsey took classes at Ahimsa and became a volunteer to help this foster dog and the dozens of those that followed. (Lindsey has fostered over 35 dogs and continues to take in dogs that need extra attention and training.)

Lindsey adopted her own rescue dog, a feral dog Tala who came with many challenges, including trying to run away at any opportunity, fear of people and other animals, resource guarding from people and other pets, and a fear of the sights and sounds of city living.

After graduating from SPU, Lindsey worked in mental health as a high school Behavior Specialist. She supported clients in navigating the challenges that arise in the school setting and worked with students to create a plan for appropriately managing behavioral responses.

In 2016, Lindsey made a career switch from mental health to dog training. Currently, she is a puppy camp counselor, teaches private lessons and assists in several puppy and adult classes at Ahimsa.

Rebecca Bogdan


Rebecca discovered her passion for training in 2004, exhibiting in various canine sports, including agility, conformation, obedience, rally, and lure coursing with her dogs and others’ throughout the United States and Canada. In 2008, she began to instruct classes at a non-profit training club and introduced clicker training to her dogs, opening her own in-home training business two years later. A few years after moving to Washington State, she re-opened her training business in 2017, starting with Ahimsa just one month later.

She completed her AA in Interpreter Education, specializing in American Sign Language, where she interpreted for deaf/deaf-blind individuals and examined the qualities of ASL’s various regional dialects. Her BA is through the University of Oklahoma’s Liberal Studies program with an emphasis on evaluating the quality and impact of citations. As Rebecca’s initial experiences with training included manipulating dogs’ behavior through more traditional methods of corrections, pain, avoidance, and intimidation, she has since adopted a philosophy of nonviolence, committed to helping others learn how to train their dogs with compassion and creativity to sidestep negative fallout from training. She lives with Homer, a twelve-year old Portuguese water dog who is probably taking a nap.

Rebecca currently works in Ahimsa’s Puppy Camp, teaches private lessons, and assists with puppy and adult dog classes.