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Organic Socialization DVD - BAT for Aggression and Fear in Dogs by Grisha Stewart

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Organic Socialization DVD - BAT for Aggression and Fear in Dogs by Grisha Stewart
Manufacturer: Tawzer Dog
Organic Socialization DVD - BAT for Aggression and Fear in Dogs by Grisha Stewart

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Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) is an excellent method to work with dog-dog reactivity and dog-human reactivity issues. BAT helps dogs improve their social skills in a natural way. Grisha Stewart's BAT has quickly swept around the globe as dog trainers discover how effective it is in rehabilitating dogs with fear or aggression issues. Grisha Stewart and Tawzer Dog Videos created the Organic Socialization DVD especially for the home viewer, to give you beginning and intermediate trainers a solid understanding of this simple, dog-friendly technique for reactivity. This DVD is great for both regular people and professional dog trainers.

On this DVD, you’ll get explanations of the theory, start-to-finish case studies, writing assignments, handouts, and live demos that clearly show you how to use BAT. There's even info on how to use BAT to avoid fear and aggression by properly socializing puppies.

Related: 2-day BAT seminar DVD, which is more technical, has different live demo footage, and more applications of BAT.

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Price: $65.00

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Thank You is not enough

JitterBug's Mom Susan - 01st May 2011

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have found this program. I have a Reactive McNab and have tried 15, yes, 15 different methods until I found Grisha's B.A.T. I even fell for TV ads I was so desperate! I knew right away that this was the real deal. The very first session was a resounding success. Every moment I have I work with my boy and he's coming along fast. He's in agility, loves his coach and does great agility work but around others, he has not been reliable. With more BAT work, I'm hoping to trial him in September. We will see. Thank God for Grisha, I wish there were more common sense, real world training coaches like her but I'm thrilled to have found HER!!! Our BAT coach, Nancy in Eugene is an awesome teacher. She knows Grisha's teachings inside out. Thanks to you both although that hardly seems enough. Susan & JitterBug

- 29th April 2011

Grisha’s lecture along with her short clip videos offers the viewer a systematic approach to changing their dog’s reaction to distressing stimuli in the environment. It also teaches the dog handler to observe body language and which communication signals to watch for to determine progress.

This method, so simple in theory, operates on the environment in which the reactivity occurs. As the skill of the handler improves the use of desensitization and counter conditioning to a more appropriate response, changes the emotional state in how the dog reacts to perceived threats in his everyday life.

Quote from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants DVD review: http://iaabc.org/dog/product-review-behavior-adjustment-training-for-fear-aggression-by-grisha-s

Thank you!

Debi - 26th February 2011

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the BAT Training you have made available on DVD. I missed the chance to see you here in Boise when you presented this training so its especially nice to have the DVD format for distance learning. My last dog was a 200 pound English Mastiff and Therapy dog named Eli who had no issues or troubles with anything, he was bullet proof. A year ago Eli passed away so I decided to adopted two Border Terrier puppies this past fall, a boy, Harry and a girl that I named Emsie. At 9 weeks of age, Harry was more shy and Emsie was super outgoing, even though I put a lot of emphasis on socializing both pups, i.e. puppy kindergarten and numerous outings and playdates with safe dogs, Emsie somehow began to develop fear reactions around a lot of things like other dogs, men, and many other things commonly found on an average walk. I remembered that I had been given your seminar flyer and decided to look up your work and I am so glad I did. I really appreciate your tips, guidance ...

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