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K9 Bridle Head Collar from England
K9 Bridle Head Collar from England

I stopped a client at Green Lake the other day (in Seattle) and noticed her dog was wearing a head collar I hadn't seen. She raved about it, and after ordering and testing it, I love it, too! The K9 bridle is a head harness (aka head halter) for dogs.

A head halter is an option to try if a harness is not enough to be able to handle dogs with big pulling or aggression issues. If you haven't tried a good front-attachment harness, I recommend you try that first.

  • Total effortless control of your canine!
  • Stops pulling dogs using opposition reflex
  • Back of neck control point
  • Does not ride over eyes or mouth
  • Highest quality materials with real brass fittings

The K9 Bridle is similar to the NewTrix head collar, but a LOT easier to fit and put on. All of the K9 bridles that I sell come only in BLACK. Small is for border collie size dogs and medium is for labs and other similar head-sizes. Large is for Great Danes and the like. The sizing is very forgiving.

How to measure:
Using a piece of string, make a figure 8 by putting the middle of it over your dog's snout, under the chin, and then taking the ends behind the ears. Take note of how long the string was, then take it off and measure it.

  • Small: 20"-26"
  • Medium: 26"-32"
  • Large: 32"-38"

Notes about the photo above: The K9 Bridle itself is the part in the photo that is tan. It goes over the nose, under the chin, and behind the head, and has a safety strap that attaches to a regular collar or harness. The K9 Bridle doesn't include the regular collar that appears in black in the photo.

Price: $29.99


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K-9 Bridle is Awesome!

- 30th January 2013

Finally a way to walk my dog easily and with great control. The K-9 bridle Head Collar has made my daily walks with my dog a pleasure and I know the dog really enjoys them too. I use the K-9 Bridle Head Collar with my Traffic Lead Leash from www.etsy.com/listing/121888988/dog-traffic-leash-550-paracord?
This leash together with my K-9 are the perfect combination to have an enjoyable walk with my best friend!


- 20th June 2012

After trying every kind of collar, leash, harness, or ANY other device sold in stores or online for walking my 120lb dog, this product puts all others to shame! My dog means well, but he's just a big ol' tank that can only think of going as fast as he can. After 5 years now, I had almost came to terms that I may never get to truly enjoy a walk with him, until yesterday. It felt so much better than I could ever have dreamed to see him walk with such poise and me with so much control, both mental and physical. I am ONE PROUD MAMA!

Great Product

- 14th June 2010

This is easy to use and works like a dream! It definitely helps keep my wild child focused until maturity sets in (someday).

Thanks for recommending this product and the very fast shipment!

K9 Bridle Praise

- 08th February 2010

I want to let you know that the K9 Bridles work great. Both my dogs walk really well with them and do not seem to be anywhere near as irritated as they were with the Halti or Gentle Leader products. They do not pull as hard as with prior products when they do pull. Plus, they are catching on really quick and each walk is getting easier with increasing slack leash time.

I have also taken some time to read many items on your website and some links yours provided. My dogs and I will benefit from the information found there. We are going to start some clicker training and then work on the Silky Leash concept to try and wean them off the K9 Bridles as well.

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