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Freedom Harness - Swanky no-pull dog harness
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Manufacturer: Wiggles, Wags, and Whiskers
Freedom Harness - Swanky no-pull dog harness

The Freedom harness is extremely useful for keeping your dog from pulling on leash. And it's super-fancy. The chest strap of the Freedom Harness has Swiss VELVET on it to keep it from chafing your dog's fur. How cool is that? Not only does it have a hook in the front for more control, but it has one in the back, too, which gives you another point of contact with your dog. I highly recommend that you also get the double-ended leash, so that you can 'harness' the full potential of the Freedom harness.

The Freedom Harness also has an unbelievable warranty against damage, including chewing - they'll repair it if your dog chews it!

The Freedom Harness from Wiggles, Wags, and Whiskers has a unique patented design that minimizes/eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape. The patented tensioning loop on the Keystone™ FREEDOM Harness is designed to tighten around the dog's chest greatly reducing the possiblilty for many common neck, trachea, spinal cord and optical injuries associated with pulling/tugging on a collar. Also found to assist dogs with amputations or arthritis.

Made from industrial strength nylon webbing, the Keystone™ FREEDOM Harness features solid stainless steel hardware, reinforced X- stitching and a comfort conscious design that keeps webbing edges turned out to prevent irritation.

To get the full effect of this harness, get the a double-ended leash! We have the standard 2-ended leash made by the same company as the Freedom harness and the beefier European multi-leash as options below. For a truly deluxe experience, get the double-ended leash that I helped design to use with Peanut, the 10-foot long Peanut's Paracord Leash. Both leashes are super-strong and have a lot of features.

Colors: Colors vary - see our long list below, including UW Husky colors, purple and tan gold. They're all very pretty. We also have this harness in YELLOW as part of the Yellow Dog Project for dogs who need space from other dogs or people. Click here for Yellow.

Sizing: Freedom harnesses run large, and are unfortunately not available for smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. The most important measurement is around the chest at the largest point, which we've given in inches. If you are getting this for a puppy, you might be able to get away with a slightly larger size if you use a zip-tie to cinch the top rings together.

  • XS: 14"-20", 12-17 pound dogs, straps are 5/8" wide
  • SM: 18"-24", 18-25 pound dogs, straps are 5/8" wide
  • MD narrow: 22"-28", 25-40 pound dogs, straps are 5/8" wide
  • MD wide: 22"-28", 30-50 pound dogs, straps are 1" wide
  • LG: 26"-32", 60-85 pound dogs, straps are 1" wide
  • XL: 32"-36", 85-140 pound dogs, straps are 1" wide
  • XXL: biggest dogs, straps are 1" wide
List Price: $29.99
Price: $24.99


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Best Harness for my reactive dog

- 16th February 2013

I already have one of these harnesses and love the way it fits comfortably under the legs without rubbing (unlike some other front fastening harnesses). My dog is a Staffie, so has little hair to protect him and has been badly chafed in the past. This harness allows me to have maximum control when on the front fastening, in order to gently redirect him when needed. I can use the back fastening when I need more freedom to swivel, for instance when he is doing scent work. I have just got one in the new yellow colour - hopefully I may get more room when using this harness now. One improvement I have noticed in the new version - the clip buckle fastenings have been changed slightly so it is harder to fasten the front bit between the legs if it is twisted - it is so hard to see if it is straight when harnessing a bouncy excited dog!. This makes it much more obviuos now, and helps to keep the dog comfortable in the harness. Thanks for the improvement!

My Favorite!

- 29th August 2012

I am a dog walker and trainer and have been using this harness for 3+ years. It is by far my favorite no-pull or otherwise harness! It is extremely comfy for pups, fits all body types well, is very durable- even when allowed to be swam in regularly, and when properly fit is an amazing training tool to help ease pullers and redirect their attention back to you. I highly recommend this harness!


- 20th June 2012

The engineering that was put into this harness is genius. My female lab responded better to a standard harness than a collar for walks. The only problem was that there wasn't a way to for me to correct her if she needed it, until we bought the Freedom Harness. The full body squeeze it provides by pulling on the leash allows the correction signal to reach her loud and clear and makes me ONE PROUD MAMA! High quality product!!!

too big

- 01st June 2012

I bought a large for a 65 lb Catahoula Leopard dog (thanks for including the breed on the list of dog breeds, although, ahem, there is a typo...) Bridget has a 30" chest. The large, even when adjusted down to the smallest size, is too big across the front of her chest. If we attach the leash to the front clip, the harness gaps and pulls away from her chest. While it fits fine if I attach the leash to the back clip, I don't have as good control as I would have if I were able to use the front clip. I just bought the medium for my 65 lb foxhound (thanks for including HER breed on your list as well). I hope the medium fits as the harness is quite well constructed, minimizes chafing and minimizes pulling. And thanks, too, for having the LongLivePeanut promotion. Long live Peanut, indeed!

Fantastic Harness

- 12th February 2012

I use this with my 1.5 year old pup, with amazing results. Brilliant design and construction. I would highly recommend it.


- 04th February 2012

This is
My favorite harness ever! Easy to put on and adjust. Much safer for your pet's neck too.

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