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Comfort Trainer Dog Head Collar/ Head Halter
Manufacturer: Company of Animals
Comfort Trainer Dog Head Collar/ Head Halter

The Comfort Trainer dog head collar guides your dog as a horse halter would, using pressure on top of the dog's muzzle, instead of dragging him by the collar. Using the Comfort Trainer head collar, the trainer puts light pressure on the leash to turn the dog's head in the direction he/she wishes to go. Never POP a head collar (or any collar, really) and take time to get your dog used to wearing it (click here for instructions).

Quantity Discount: Order 5 or more Comfort Trainer head halters, of any size, and the price per collar will be just $23.

A head collar is like power steering for your dog! The Comfort Trainer head halter for dogs is used in conjunction with humane and positive training methods, utilizing communication techniques instead of force.  Do NOT use leash pops any head collar, including the Comfort Trainer.

I have tried many different head collars and really like how easily the dogs get used to the Comfort Trainer.  It's still not instant, but it's much faster than the Gentle Leader head collar or the Halti.  The design of the Comfort Trainer is very similar to the Halti, in that the dog's mouth can open fully.  But the Comfort Trainer head collar uses material that is much softer and lighter.  We have two useful blog posts: How to Get Your Dog Comfortable in a Head Collar and Fitting Instructions for the Comfort Trainer.

This head halter is a good option to try if a harness is not enough to be able to handle dogs with big pulling or aggression issues. If you haven't tried a good front-attachment harness, I recommend you try that first.

Dogs with heads smaller than the circumference of their necks should get a Comfort Trainer that is one size smaller than the head collar suggested for their weight.

Colors Vary (but we usually ship all black collars). Materials made in USA. Manufactured in Ohio.

Please note that the color of the product varies.

Price: $25.57


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Great tool!!

- 13th January 2013

I also have a aggressive pit bull and this is the only thing I can hold on to with. I also am 55 with severe RA, so holding on is a challenge. Recommend this fully, it is better then the Gentle Leader, that one is flimsy and I did not feel secure with it.

It is great....

- 11th June 2012

I have a very aggressive pitbull and this is the only thing that I can control him with, I am going to order another as a spare. It truly works!!!

Good buy

- 07th July 2010

This head collar is much easier to fit and put on the dog than the Gentle Leader. It also doesn't need to be fit so precisely to reduce pulling. I really like this tool and will recommend them to my clients.

Comfort Trainer is Amazing

- 18th July 2008

The comfort trainer transformed how my dog walks on a leash within two days. No more tug-of-war. It's an amazing product. Thanks.

Soft and Comfortable

- 16th May 2008

The Comfort Trainer is so soft and the dogs don't seem to mind them. I like the beige nose band especially because so many people think they have a muzzle on when I have used the Halti's. These don't show as much. I've already recommended them to friends.

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