Private Training with Mary Fox

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About the Trainer: Inspired by her own dog’s issues with severe dog to dog aggression, Mary has focused on strategies for training difficult dogs since 2009.  She has extensive training and experience rehabilitating dogs and specializes in working with rescue dogs. At Ahimsa, Mary has taught in several classes including Growly Dog and  BAT Clinic.

Examples of behavior problems that Mary can help you with:

  • Aggression toward people (but has not bitten anyone)
  • Biting, growling, or other aggressive behavior towards dogs
  • Fighting with other dogs (in the family or elsewhere)
  • Fearful behaviors
  • Demand barking or barking in the car
  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, not coming when called, etc.

About the Sessions:

For off-site sessions, please make sure you are within the Primary BLACK LINE service area to book online without emailing Mary first. Appointments can be arranged in the  Extended GRAY LINE service area via email ( but additional travel fees will apply. After scheduling extended service area session(s) with Mary, please use this link to pay the Extended Service Area Travel Fee for each session.

Any unused sessions can be refunded within 6 months of purchase (Used sessions are charged at the regular rate. Click here for our cancellation/change policy.)

Mary will teach you how to use the most appropriate, modern, dog-friendly techniques, based on what is the best fit for your dog and your family. She will also give you a written follow-up email to review the topics covered during the session.