Behavior Consultation with Carly Loyer

Examples of behavior problems that Carly can help you with:

  • Biting, growling, or other aggressive behavior towards people
  • Growling/biting to protect toys, food, bones, etc. (resource guarding)
  • Fighting with other dogs (in the family or elsewhere)
  • Aggression, frustration, or reactivity toward other dogs on leash
  • Fearful behaviors
  • Demand barking or barking in the car
  • Pulling on leash, jumping up, coming when called, etc.
  • Pretty much anything that might fall under “behavior problem” or “dog psychology”

For any sessions you don’t want to reserve right now, choose ‘Unreserved’. If there are only ‘unreserved’ sessions listed, you will not be able to register yet. In that case, please check back later or contact Ahimsa to inquire about training.

About the Trainer: Carly graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology, emphasis in animal behavior, and is currently a Ph.D student there pursuing research in canine personality. She is a Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI), and previously earned her CPDT-KA certification from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Click here to read more about Carly.

About the Sessions:

Any unused sessions can be refunded within 6 months of purchase (Used sessions are charged at the regular rate. Click here for our cancellation/change policy.)

After you register for a session, you will complete a comprehensive history form online for Carly to read before the session. That way, she can get right to work helping you and your dog have a better future, rather than spending the whole time learning about your dog’s past. This saves you time and money. During the session, your trainer will ask you some additional questions during the first portion to get a complete picture of your dog’s issue(s). After that, she will teach you how to use the most appropriate, modern, dog-friendly techniques, based on what is the best fit for your dog and your family.

When you register, your confirmation email will also include login information, so that you can log in to change your schedule.

Service Area: (Service Area Map)


Sessions are at our training center in Ballard, at your home, or elsewhere in Seattle (see the service area map on this page). Please note location column on the pull-down calendar above. If the session location is listed as Ahimsa, the session cannot be done off-site. For off-site sessions, total travel time over 20 minutes (round trip from Ahimsa) will be subtracted from the session time. You will specify your session location on the questionnaire that you fill out after registering.

Carly also teaches a Growly Dog class at Ahimsa in Seattle for aggression and reactivity to other dogs.  If your dog is reactive to humans, you definitely need a private session, rather than the class. Please call 206-364-4072 or email to help you find the best training option for your dog.