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When is a fence not a fence?

If it can’t actually hold your dogs in your yard, or keep trouble out, a fence can do more harm than good. It makes you feel like you have a fence, so you let your guard down. In one of my classes, a student with an aggressive dog said that they had a fenced yard. It turns out there is no gate, just a big gaping hole where the dog can get out!

I snapped this photo on a walk with Peanut in Seattle. There are two problems with this fence. The obvious one is the big hole where panels are missing and the dog can get out or other dogs or children can come in. The other is the height! If Peanut wanted to, he could easily jump over this fence.

If your dog gets out of your yard, don’t get mad at the dog. Fix the fence! For short fences, either build a taller fence or put a roll-bar at the top, so it’s harder for the dog to get a grip. For holes, of course, put something in there, like more boards. For diggers, you’ll need to bury chicken wire from the fence down, about 1-2 feet will do in most cases.

p.s. Electric fences aren’t fences, either.

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