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Welcome to the White House, B’Obama!

Bo Obama, the Portuguese Water Dog, seems to be enjoying his new home in the White House.  The Obama puppy’s big debut is Tuesday (tomorrow) but the press has already leaked his story.

And who wouldn’t enjoy being the First Dog, with two kids to love on you and great parents? When we were there for the inauguration, Jill and I checked out the size of that yard. Any dog in the DC area (heck, even a dog in Seattle) would be happy to have such a big space!

Now, the fence at the front of the White House isn’t ideal for dogs (big gaps for a dog to squeeze through), so I have a feeling the part I saw isn’t really where Bo Obama will romp around.  But still, it’s a pretty cool yard for a dog!

There’s a big controversy about whether Bo Obama is a rescue dog or not.  Well, sort of, sort of not. I don’t really fault the Obamas, either way, but it would’ve been nice to have a true rescue dog in the White House, one that didn’t give PR to a breeder, but to a rescue organization, instead. I like that they donated to the shelters that they’d been looking at.

Some great things about the choices made for the Obama Dog:

  • They waited until the family was settled in to bring home a dog.
  • It looks like they’re taking time to be with their new puppy before exposing Bo to the press.
  • They looked at shelters, even if it didn’t end up working out with Malia’s allergies.
  • Bo Obama is neutered.
  • They have consulted with Ken Ramirez, a positive reinforcement trainer that runs the Shedd Aquarium and their new dog show.

Yes, that’s right! A positive reinforcement dog trainer.  Looks like we may get some great decisions out of the White House.  So the Obamas didn’t get a ‘proper’ rescue dog.  At least they’ve been doing some other things right!

What if they were in Seattle?

If the Obamas lived in Seattle, and were just regular people, what should they do with their new ‘rescue puppy’? Take a class at Ahimsa Dog Training, of course!  Bo Obama is too old for puppy class (should be 2-5 months) but is eligible for the Dream Dog program, which is basic and advanced training for dogs 5 months and older. They could start from scratch in Dream Dog, but Bo already has some training.  In Dream Dog, they could pick their own topics, so they wouldn’t have to waste their presidential time on things that Bo already knew, and it would work around their busy schedule.  And kids are welcome in our training classes.

And he’s the perfect age for the Teen Dog Play time in Seattle.

So if you see Air Force One land in Seattle, you’ll know why. It’s not the coffee, it’s the dog training! 🙂