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Which shot records should I have for my dog or puppy?

For Puppy Kindergarten classes and Puppy Play and Train, puppies must be up-to-date for their age, with at least the first set of DHLPP shots, usually given between 6-8 weeks of age.  Because socialization is so time-sensitive, we do not usually recommend waiting to begin puppy class until the whole series of puppy shots are complete, but different veterinarians will suggest different guidelines for your puppy, so please take their advice into consideration.

For non-puppy classes (Basic Dog Manners, etc.), dogs must have the full sequence of DHLPP (usually an annual booster for adult dogs) and the Rabies vaccine.  Bordetella is not required, but may be recommended by your veterinarian.

As proof of vaccination, we accept shot-vial stickers and/or dated vaccination lists from the breeder (for puppies) or veterinary receipts for vaccinations or titers. While we do have to rely somewhat on the honor system, it’s very important to us to make sure all of our canine students are safe.