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What should I bring to class?

Please have the following items available your class.

  • Proof of vaccinations. Puppies should be up-to-date for their age and have at least the first set of shots.  Older dogs should have all shots. (Group classes and play sessions only)
  • Hungry dog. Don’t starve her, but don’t give her a substantial meal or leave out food for a few hours prior to the session.
  • Some way to take notes.
  • Treats. Specifically, soft, pea-sized treats. I recommend chopping up Natural Balance or Red Barn semi-moist dog food.  You’ll need a full baggy.
  • Standard (non-flexi) leash and body harness and/or buckle collar.
  • Head collar, if you are using one. (Optional)
  • Toy to get the dog’s attention and/or chew toy to entertain the dog while you listen to the instructor. Bring at least one tuggable toy. (Classes only)
  • A water bowl for group classes.
  • Clicker, if you have one. You’ll receive one with your first class, so please remember to bring it along each week!

Each time that you come into the classroom, please find a spot to sit, then calmly massage your dog. Please do this instead of having your dog wrestle with other dogs (they may greet and walk on, if both humans are willing). The idea is to teach your dog to pay attention to you and relax in the presence of other dogs.