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I have questions about the ongoing classes.

What if I need more flexibility – I need different days each week or my schedule changes?

Once you sign up for an ongoing class, you can log in and change your reservations to any other ongoing classes within the 6 week window. Mix and match classes. So if you signed up for a class, but can’t make a particular session, just log in and swap it out for a different session that fits your schedule better. You can swap out of classes up to the day before your session, and you can swap into classes at any time before the class.

How do I log In?

There is Swap Your Classes button on our website.  Click it once, then select the Ongoing Classes link.  (Here’s a direct link). Your order ID is found in both of the emails we send when you register.

How do drop-ins work?

In addition to your guaranteed sessions, you can drop into any ongoing session during your pass.  You just show up and check in with the class instructor, and it’s first-come, first-served until we run out of room. Look for the Daily Schedule icon in the upper right hand corner of every page, before you go to make sure the class is still happening and to see how full it is.

Confused? Please email or call us in Seattle at 206-364-4072 if you have any questions about what training would be best for you at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.