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How do drop-ins work?

You can drop into any ongoing session that is age and behavior appropriate during your pass on a first-come, first-served basis – until we run out of room. Just arrive 5 minutes before the class and check in with the instructor for that class. For example, if your chihuahua puppy is enrolled in a Puppy Kindergarten class on Saturdays but you have some free time during the week, you could come to a Puppy Kindergarten class on a Wednesday evening, as long as it’s not completely booked (or if it is booked but one or two of the other students don’t make it that night). However, you may want to make sure that you attend small breed puppy or the baby puppy classes, since your puppy is small and will probably have more playmates to choose from in a room of similar-sized puppies.

How do you know what classes are available for drop-ins? Check our schedule in the upper right corner on the home page. It has a list of classes for the day as well as how many drop-in openings are free, as well as which classes cannot be dropped into!

Drop-in privileges are unlimited during your pass dates and do not affect your reservations.