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Can more than one person come to a session?

Definitely!  Ideally, the whole family will be involved in your dog’s training (though each person may have a different role).  The more consistent the household can be, the faster your dog will learn, and the better relationship they’ll build with everyone. For a given training exercise, it is usually best to have one person train the dog for that session.  For example, in a given class one person might work on sit, the other person does down, etc.

Is it okay to bring kids to group classes?

For most classes, it’s great for you to bring your kids and have them participate in training. In our puppy classes, it’s often a great opportunity for the other puppies in the room to have positive experiences with children as well! The one caveat to this is that we want to make sure that all of the dogs and the humans in the room are as safe and stress-free as we can make them, and that you have a chance to learn the techniques we’re teaching. If you find it hard to focus on training when the kids are along, you might choose to come on your own and pass on the teaching outside the group class environment. There may also be times when it’s not safe for the dogs or the kids to be together, in which case we may put a fence up between them.

For Growly Dog classes, please do not bring children under the age of 15 to class without consulting your instructor. Many dogs who are reactive towards other dogs may also be nervous about children, and for the safety and well-being of all involved, we generally do not recommend bringing younger kids along.