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Thundershirts – sound phobias, fears, etc.

We are now carrying Thundershirts in our online store (and in the little store at the training center). If there was a drug-free way to ease your dog’s fears, would you do it? I would! And the Thundershirt’s a lot less than the Anxiety Wrap (and easier to put on), almost half as expensive. We sell it for just $35.62!

I originally bought a Thundershirt for Peanut’s stress in the car. It helped! I even tried doing a comparison with having it on and off on different trips. 3 times with the Thundershirt – no shaking any of those times. 3 times without – shaking every time. TTouch practioners have known the benefits of anxiety wraps for a long time. Thundershirt is an affordable, attractive way to wrap your dog and reduce stress. Check out this video:

It’s supposed to help with all kinds of other fearful behaviors, too. I haven’t tried the Thundershirt in those settings, but I do know Peanut was positively giddy in his Thundershirt at Green Lake last week. I also know that the concept is very sound, as TTouch practioners have been using wraps similar to the Thundershirt for a long time.