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Training Session Cancellation Policy

We can always do more if you tell us in advance. :)

Standard Classes and Puppy Day Camp: We can only give a Full Refund or change your registration date if you notify us at least 7 calendar days prior to your first session. A 50% Refund is available 2 days prior to your session. No refunds or date changes will be available after that time.

Rolling Admission / Ongoing Classes: You can change your reservations up to the day before your class. Just log in to change the reservation. Please help up out by changing your reservation early enough to fill your spot, if possible.

If you need to cancel, pro-rated refunds are available for rolling-admission classes. Your refund will be for the remaining reservation days, starting with two (2) days after your cancellation. So if you call or email to cancel on a Monday, the refund will be for the number of reservation days from Wednesday through the end of your membership.

Example 1: If you have a 4-week class pass and you have attended 3 sessions and have let us know at least 2 days before the 4th session, you will get 1/4 of your pass price back.

Example 2: If you have a Puppy Premium membership and give us enough notice so that you have used 6 sessions and will be refunded for 12 sessions, then you have basically used a full Standard membership (6 reservations).  So you would get $130 back (the difference between Standard and Premium).

Example 3: If you have a Puppy Plus membership and give us enough notice so that you have used 8 sessions and will be refunded for 4 sessions, then you have basically used a full Standard membership (6 reservations) plus 2 more.  That's 2/6 (or 1/3) of the extra reservations that the Pupply Plus membership gets you.  So your refund would be 2/3 of $70, which is the price difference between the Standard and Plus membership levels. That's $46.67.

If you want to change your membership plan, you can receive a prorated portion of the difference between the two plans.

Private Sessions:  We will give you a Full Refund if you notify us at least 7 calendar days prior to your private session. You may only change your reservation up to 3 days before your session (log in). A 50% refund is available 2 days prior to your session. No refunds will be available after that time.

For private session packages, we will refund the fee that remains after charging regular price for the sessions used.  If you give 7 days' notice and didn't use any sessions, we will refund the entire fee. If you have used 2 of the 5 sessions, for example, we will subtract the regular cost of 2 sessions from your fee and refund the rest.

Advanced Workshops, Summer Camp, & Seminars: Registrations for our longer workshops (1 or more days long) can receive a full refund only if cancelled at least 45 days in advance.  Between 7 days and 44 days, a half-refund is available (50% of total fee), and beyond that, no refund is possible. NO EXCEPTIONS!  We can only change the workshop you are registered for if you contact us 7 or more days in advance. 

Your spot is transferrable at any time, so if you find yourself within the window where you cannot get a refund, but have someone else who can take your place, please contact us.

Training Sessions - Agreement to Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk

The registrant understands that attendance at a dog training session may pose some risk to themselves, members of their family, their guests, and their dog(s) and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to themselves, their dog(s), and/or any minors attending a dog training session with them) incurred as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Ahimsa Dog Training, LLC. If registrant will be bringing children to the session, they will be responsible for their care and appropriate supervision.

To minimize all risks, the registrant agrees to disclose to the trainer any danger or sensitivities their dog(s) may present. The registrant will immediately inform the trainer of any situations that may provoke aggression in their dog(s) and be responsible for avoiding those situations.

In consideration of their participation in a dog training session or sessions conducted by or on behalf of Ahimsa Dog Training, LLC, the registrant, on behalf of themselves and any minors attending the dog training session(s) with them, waive, release, and agree to hold harmless Ahimsa Dog Training, LLC and any and all of its employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, and successors from any and all causes of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries, and damages of any kind which may be sustained by them or their dog(s) in connection with the dog training session. Registrant is responsible for damages caused by their dog(s) and/or family members.

Other Information

Order Confirmation
You will receive email confirmation of your order.

Customer Service
We are here to help you train your dog. We are human and do occasionally make mistakes, but we have good people working here who want to do well, so please let us know when we should change something to better serve you. If you are unsatisfied with our customer service, please contact the manager, Adriane Villangueva at adraine@doggiezen.com. If you are still unsatisfied, email Grisha, the owner of the Ahimsa (ask Adriane for the address). Email is the best way to reach Grisha because of her international seminar schedule.

Product Return Policy

There are no refunds on ebooks and other digital media. If you are having trouble getting the product to download, or the file is not playing, please contact us.




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