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Teen Dog Play in Seattle

Our first Teen Dog Play time is April 9th at 5:30.

Even people who take Puppy Jr. High finish it and still want more chances to play, or want extra play time even while they’re taking that class. So here’s the scoop, right now. It’s a drop-in play session, no reservations necessary or allowed. Play time will be on Thursday nights in Seattle at 5:30, but check the schedule to make sure it’s not a skip date. Full info is on the play page under “Teen Dog Play”. Click here for the schedule.

Age limit: 5-9 months. Younger dogs are allowed if they are big and have outgrown the regular puppy play time, but they must have all of their Distemper and Parvo vaccinations. They don’t have to have the Rabies shot yet.

P.S. For this play time, it’s ok to go to the dog park, germ-wise, as everybody’s up on their shots. That said, it may still not be a good idea for many dogs.