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Teaching Your Dog to “Drop It”

If you’ve ever had a hoovering puppy or a dog that likes to explore the world with her mouth, you know that getting your dog to let go of something quickly is important. It’s also great for exercising your dog, because dropping the toy is an important part of fetch.

Here are two video clips on how to teach your dog to drop a toy or other object. We recommend using the first technique to train your dog properly. Use the second technique whenever your puppy steals a toy and you need to get it back, until your ‘drop’ cue training is complete. Please also read our quick blog post on an easy way to get your dog to drop a toy during fetch.

Teaching that ‘drop’ means something fabulous is coming is a great twist!
It’s also used by the Norwegian Army.
Video by Chirag Patel of Domesticated Manners in the UK.

Trading is a common, easy way to teach the drop cue.

Video by Reesa of