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February Charity of the Month: Summit Assistance Dogs

The Ahimsa Dog Training staff members are excited to launch our Charity of the Month Program!

For February we have chosen Summit Assistance Dogs, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization based in Anacortes, Washington, that provides mobility, hearing and therapy dogs for people living with disabilities. There are more than 55 million Americans living with various disabilities, and the wait time for a service dog can be as long as two to five years. Summit was created to help fill this big need, and provides approximately 6 to 8 trained assistance dogs per year to its recipients, in addition to providing follow up care and support for the life of the dog.  Summit provides dogs to individuals in need, regardless of ability to pay, and also is one of the few organizations which provides service dogs to individuals under the age of 18.

From their website: “Summit uses a variety of purebred and mixed-breed dogs in our training program. Dogs are acquired through donations from breeders, our own breeding program, shelters and rescue organizations, and individuals wishing to rehome their pets. Summit uses positive-reinforcement training methods to shape desired behaviors. Dogs are typically in training for two years, first with their puppy raisers and then with Summit’s staff trainers.”

If you would like to donate to this outstanding organization through Ahimsa Dog Training, you can donate in person at our store or online directly through the Summit Assistance Dogs website. Please mention in their comments section that your donation is part of Ahimsa’s Charity of the Month program.