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BAT Book: Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart

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BAT Book: Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart
Manufacturer: Dogwise
BAT Book: Behavior Adjustment Training by Grisha Stewart

This is Grisha Stewart's book: Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs.

You can purchase a paperback copy at the Ahimsa in Seattle.

"Every trainer who works with dogs that aren't completely bombproof should have both the technical skills of BAT and the learning theory behind it in their toolbox." -Leslie McDevitt MLA, CPDT-KA, CDBC, Author of Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog

Behavior Adjustment Training is a low-stress way to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. The first-ever BAT book is written so that non-trainers with reactive dogs can easily read through it to help their dogs, but it also has a technical side, making it very useful for professionals. The book has "Notes for Pros" throughout and special technical chapters for trainers and behaviorists.


  • BAT Preview
  • BATboy: Peanut's Story
  • Quick Fixes: Safety and Management Essentials
  • A Functional Approach: Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors
  • Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors for Reactive Dogs
  • BAT Set-Ups for Reactivity
  • BAT for Everyday Walks
  • BAT for Frustrated Greeters
  • Love Thy Neighbor: Fence Fighting
  • BAT for Puppy Socialization
  • For Professional Trainers and Behaviorists: Using BAT with Clients
  • Appendix 1: Clicker Training Foundations
  • Appendix 2: For Trainers and Behaviorists: Other Techniques That Use Functional Rewards
  • Appendix 3: For Trainers and Behaviorists: Geek Speak on Quadrants and Other Questions
  • Appendix 4: In Their Own Words: Trainers and Clients Experiences with BAT


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A new classic for dog trainers

- 02nd October 2012

Should be on everyone's desk so you can refer to it often. Well written, concise, detailed and witty.

Great book

- 05th June 2012

This book wad recommended by the trainer at the local shelter where I volunteer. I fell in love with a dog aggressive girl named Carli. She loves people though. I am studying dog obedience training as well. I am beginning to use this book with her. Many other dogs there need BAT with their issues as well. What a great tool this book is to us!

Highly Recommended

- 11th May 2012

I have been reading and studying books on reactivity and aggression for years, ever since I had a dog with this problem. I have to say that this is my favorite! There are other programs out there that will be successful, but I found that this author does the best job of organizing a program. She not only tells you what to do in various situations, but she explains WHY. This can only make us better trainers and more alert to our dogs reactions to things.

Set Ups are highly recommended as part of the BAT program, and I experienced first-hand how valuable these can be. I helped a friend work on her dogs fear reaction, and in recreating the event that scared him, and breaking it down into its component parts, we discovered that the dog was not reacting to what the owner had thought. Knowing exactly what to work on certainly makes for more successful training! There are many other suggestions in the book for managing the life of a reactive or aggressive dog, both at home and away. There are discuss...

BAT works, I see it every week !

- 18th February 2012

Grisha helped my dog who was a rescue and scared of people several years ago when she first started thinking of BAT. Now it has helped my other dog who is afraid/assertive towards other dogs. We can go on walks anywhere now, where there are not dogs off leash at least. I also have volunteered in the Growly Dog classes at Ahimsa for years, and every week I see dogs change before my eyes. It's a miracle technique and 100 percent POSITIVE! It helps people and their doggy companions become much much closer and life is much easier and more fun!

BAT is lovely

- 12th November 2011

I would just like to say thanks Grisha Stewart for BAT. My dog is a one-year-old male Australian Working Kelpie (sheepdog). After spending months working on his problem of chasing cars without real success, I bought Grishas book. After 3-4 sessions of BAT the change was remarkable. The big thing I noticed was the relaxation in his body. I could tell this was effecting a deep change in my dog. Not chasing cars is not a struggle for him now, and hes so proud of himself. The other thing I noticed was the effect on our relationship, he looks to me when hes not sure about a vehicle (say a garbage truck) and we have this exchange that builds his trust in me, and himself. Its really lovely. Were still working on this, not because hes had any lapses, but because I want to make sure, and now were also applying BAT to his predilection for trying to herd up children (particularly small curly-haired blond ones), and after 3 sessions, its amazing. Even quicker than the car-chasing training because I think was able...

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