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September 2011 Newsletter

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Just a quick reminder that Ahimsa is closed for Labor Day weekend, through Monday night, 9/5 (store, playtime, & classes). We do have our biannual summer camp near the Mount Baker National Forest this weekend, and you can join us! Read on for more news.

1. Summer Camp

There are only 2 spots left for the Labor day Outdoor Manners camp. If you don’t like camping, you can stay in a nearby hotel. Have fun and frolick with your dog on 7 beautiful, lush, forested acres near White Horse Mountain and the Mount Baker National Forest. Two acres are fully fenced, so you can work on your dogs’ off leash skills in a beautiful, yet enclosed environment. We will be training and doing other activities, but you will also have plenty of time for you just to relax and enjoy the forest. Info is at

2. Classes – registration ends soon

In the last newsletter, I mentioned that we have traditional “series” classes with set start and end dates, along with our main classes, which are ongoing with rolling admission. Don’t miss out on these upcoming classes! Let us know if you want to switch into one of them from an ongoing class.

  • Troubled Teens (5-12 months) – Starts 9/6 and 9/24.
  • Puppy Junior High (5-9 months) – 9/10 (small dogs, < 30 pounds) and 9/18. (The 9/7 class is full)
  • Core Skills – Starts 9/15 (this is for people who want more structure than the regular Basic Manners).

Note: series class students can still drop into our ongoing classes and the workshops, like Come Here, Jumping Up, Bravery Boost, etc. for free (space-available basis).

Another upcoming event: “Living With and Training a Fearful Dog” is a one-day seminar with author Debbie Jacobs from the East Coast. There are only two spots left with dogs!

3. Featured products at our dog training supply store:

In last month’s newsletter, I told you about some items in our store that would be available “soon.” Well, soon is here!

  • My book is being shipped to us from the printer tomorrow!!!! “Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Aggression, Frustration and Fear in Dogs.” Here’s a quick review from Patricia McConnell: “Every trainer should have the methods described in BAT in their tool box. There’d be a lot more happy dogs and happy owners if they did!”
  • Baskerville Ultra – Treat-friendly basket muzzle. It’s squishy rubber and easy to feed treats through.
  • Clik-R-Duo. Makes two different noises, with two buttons.

4. Puppy Block Party was a success!

We had a socialization event to celebrate the launch of my new puppy DVD, “Give Your Puppy a Choice: Modern Socialization and Training.”  The dogs all did great and I hope to post videos to the blog at some point soon. Special thanks to local pet stores Petapaluza, Zak & Zoe, Mud Bay, and All the Best Pet Care for donations to the goody bags.

5. Did you know?

“You’re Not Crazy, You’re Mourning: Grief from the Loss of Your Dog” is the latest article in our blog, Here’s the intro:

To love a dog is to truly know the meaning of unconditional love. If you were lucky enough to share your life with a dog, especially a ‘soulmate dog’ who has passed or is nearing the end of life, then you also have the flipside of such a strong relationship: grief. Every experience of grief is unique, so you can’t really be prepared for the loss of your dog. Some of the things that you might do or think while grieving may make you think you are going crazy. This article will help you understand some of the common feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that may come with the loss of your dog. It is my hope that while an article can’t get rid of the sadness or fill the empty hole in your heart, it may encourage you to find a way to grow from this experience and see it as yet another gift from your dog.

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