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Why wait weeks for puppy training classes, when you can start training & socializing your puppy right away at Ahimsa Dog Training? Puppy Kindergarten Classes at Ahimsa in Seattle rolling admission and you can train your puppy in more than one of our dozen weekly puppy training classes. 

In this unique, flexible puppy training class program, different puppies come to their kindergarten class each time, so your puppy will have a chance to safely socialize with a variety of other puppies.  Your puppy doesn't have to wait a week between classes at this critical time.

When Should Puppy Training Start? Is My Puppy Ready for Puppy School?

When should your puppy start school at Ahimsa Dog Training?  For our Puppy Training & Socialization Class (aka "Puppy Kindergarten") in Seattle, puppies must be 8-20 weeks at the first class.  Your puppy is probably ready for training school even before your veterinarian clears him to walk the streets of Seattle.  Our dog training school in Seattle is professionally sanitized the night before puppy training classes and we offer puppy classes before other training classes.  

Puppy play in class at Ahimsa

To start puppy training classes, your puppy's vaccinations must be up-to-date. For baby puppies, that's the first set of DHLPP shots (given at 6 weeks or older), plus 10 days for the puppy's shots to start taking effect, before you can come to a training class.  Some vets will have a different recommendation, but we absolutely require the Distemper and Parvo shots. 

For healthy puppies, we don't recommend waiting to complete series of puppy shots before training at our school. Take your vet's puppy vaccination advice into consideration, but lack of socialization is arguably a bigger health risk for your puppy than disease (Read a Vet's opinion). The kennel cough vaccine is suggested, but not required for puppy training class in our Seattle training center.

We require shot records for all puppy training classes - a vet receipt, shot-vial sticker, a note from your puppy's breeder, or a checked-off list with the puppy's shots. No Dog Park Policy: puppies in our puppy classes and play times (even fully vaccinated puppies) should not attend dog parks or hang out in other germy places while they are in school, so they do not spread disease to the younger puppies.

For puppies under 5 months, Puppy Training & Socialization is the best choice for your puppy's first training class.  Here's our full list of training classes for puppies and adolescents at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle:

  • Puppy Training & Socialization Classes (Puppy Kindergarten) for puppies 2 - 5 months old. Small Dog and Baby Puppy classes also available. Click to register.
  • Play Time for Puppies for puppies 2 - 5 months old.
  • Play Time for Teen Dogs 5 - 9 months old. This tends to be bigger teens, so if you have a small breed dog over 5 months old, do our Small breed play time.
  • Puppy Jr. High (aka Intermediate Puppy) is a training class for adolescent puppies 5 - 9 months old who have completed Puppy Training class at Ahimsa or elsewhere.
  • Puppy Elementary (for older puppies new to training or after Kindergarten)
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Don't have your puppy yet?  Sign up for puppy training school at Ahimsa Dog Training now and read 'Before You Get Your Puppy' (PDF with pictures or Text Only) and Early Neurological Stimulation - socialization for puppies between 3 and 18 DAYS old!

Puppy Training Class Membership Levels

Puppy training class memberships at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle are valid for 6 weeks from the start date that you enter when you sign up for puppy kindergarten.    At that time, you'll reserve your puppy class section(s) to guarantee you a spot, but can drop into any or even all of the other puppy class sections for 6 weeks for free.  All membership levels include a free dog training clicker and an instant download of our 120+ page dog training manual. You can also purchase a hard copy of that book at the Ahimsa in Ballard.

  • Puppy Plus. Reserve 2 puppy training classes weekly.
  • Puppy Standard. Reserve 1 puppy training class weekly.

When you register for puppy training class at Ahimsa Dog Training, you'll select 1-3 weekly puppy training classes that you plan to attend throughout your puppy kindergarten membership, depending on your level. You do not have to sign up or reserve again.  You can bring your puppy to other sections of puppy school, but you are not guaranteed a space except for the section(s) you initially reserved.

Still confused?  Say you register your puppy for a "Puppy Plus" training class membership in Seattle.  That means you can reserve two weekly puppy classes. Say that you select the puppy classes Sat A and Wed B.  Now you know for sure that those two weekly training classes have a guaranteed spot your puppy for the next 6 weeks.

Your puppy can still attend other kindergarten classes for free, but she isn't guaranteed admission in those.  When dropping into puppy training classes for which your puppy does not have a reservation, check the schedule for the status of the classes and show up early to improve your odds of getting in.  If a class is listed as FULL, you may still drop in with your puppy, but we limit the class size to 9.

Note that puppies with reservations can come in late and still get to stay. Whenever the class is full, some of the drop-ins may have to leave. Class is first-come, first-served for drop-ins.

There is almost always room for at least one drop-in puppy.

Small and/or Shy puppy training classes are for puppies whose adult weight will be under 20 pounds or for shy puppies.  Small puppies can attend the All Sizes puppy classes.

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When are the Puppy Training Classes?

Our Puppy Class Schedule & Registration page has the sections of puppy kindergarten class for which you can register.   There are also drop-in puppy play times.

Can/Should I Reserve a Puppy Class Instead of Dropping In?

You enroll your puppy online before training in our puppy school.  At that point, you reserve your weekly puppy training classes, but can drop into other sessions for free.  We do not take one-time puppy training reservations.   The only reservations for puppy kindergarten are those made when you first register. So you have 1-3 weekly sections that your puppy can come to for six weeks, and if your puppy needs more training, you may drop into other sections of puppy kindergarten.

What Happens in Puppy Kindergarten Class?

Ahimsa's puppy training classes in Seattle use positive reinforcement training methods and covers three broad topics: Puppy Socialization (other puppies, people, kids, noises, textures, etc.) Puppy Problems (biting, mouthing, jumping, house training, etc.) and Puppy Manners (sit, down, come, leash walking, etc.).  We don't just train your puppy - we teach you!  

Each puppy training class has socialization, training, and puppy play times. Puppy play is not a free-for-all at Ahimsa; puppies play in well-chosen playgroups in our Kindergarten class and our weekly puppy play times in Seattle.

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Can I come observe a Puppy Kindergarten Class?

Yes!  You are welcome to stop by any of the puppy training classes.  Please leave your puppy at home and arrive at our Ahimsa Dog Training on time or early.  There is no need to let us know in advance

Which Training Classes Can My Puppy Take After Puppy Kindergarten?

After Puppy Kindergarten, renew your puppy training class membership or take the next class, Puppy Elementary. This six-week class for 5-9 month old puppies continues the socialization and manners training that your puppy started learning in Puppy Kindergarten. If you missed Puppy Kindergarten, this class is still appropriate, because puppies are quick learners! The goal for this class is to get your puppy ready for the intense training experience of Puppy Jr. High.

Should I be doing anything besides for puppy school?

Your puppy is always being trained, whether you think you're training her or not!  So one thing is to be aware of all of the things your puppy is learning.  Don't just train in kindergarten class and home. Train your dog all over Seattle and finish your puppy class homework, making sure to have your puppy meet many children with treats.

Your Puppy is Ready for Puppy Training. Are You?
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