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Puppy Mill expose on Nightline March 27

The Seattle area has had their share of puppy mill busts, including the recent one in Snohomish County that is inundating Seattle with little rescue dogs and some big ones, too.

Tomorrow (March 27) ABC’s Nightline is doing a big expose on puppy mills. I haven’t seen it, but I imagine it’s terrible and gruesome and will make you wonder why animals have put up with us for so long.

They interview an Amish dog breeder that has over 500 dogs in his ‘care.’ It’s sure to be a fascinating watch and will help you understand why you should never buy a dog from a pet store; by doing so you are supporting the puppy mill industry. There are so many other dogs that need homes, that ‘rescuing’ that one pet store puppy isn’t worth it – that just puts money in the pockets of these puppy mills.

Here’s the info from Main Line Animal Rescue:

“Sharyn Alfonsi interviewed, on camera, an Amish breeder while touring his facility – a first for network television. With approximately 500 dogs housed on his property, this commercial breeder speaks openly about an industry cloaked in secrecy and suspicion – the cruel factory farming of man’s best friend.”

“PLEASE tell your friends, your family, your coworkers – ABC Nightline investigates puppy mills – this Friday at 11:35 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Please take the time to forward this to all the rescues, shelters, and legislators in your area.”

“And after you watch the program, please don’t hesitate to contact ABC and Nightline to thank them for casting such a strong light on the plight of our nation’s puppy mill dogs.”

You can watch it live or probably also online after March 27th.

At the risk of overloading your compassion circuits, when you watch this show, you might think about how the food on your plate is treated. Myself, I’ve been trying to use vegan dog treats like Farmstand and Fruitables or if those aren’t strong enough, vegetarian treats like Cheese Please, with my own dogs and whenever else I can get away with it. Every bit helps.