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October News – Puppy Jr. High, Rally is back, more!

In this Newsletter:

  • New class: Intermediate Puppy, a.k.a. Puppy Jr. High
  • Baby-Proofing Your Dog workshop – this Saturday
  • Rally Obedience starts on Oct 18.
  • Wallflower Shy Dog class starts Nov 17.
  • More Agility Classes on the Schedule
  • CityDog’s TopDog votes are in!


Our off-leash Advanced Puppy classes were popular, but they’ve always been a challenge for the dogs coming right out of puppy class. Most owners put in a Herculean effort and got their dogs through the class, and loved it. But I’ve decided (with the help of feedback from the people who took Advanced Puppy) to add a class between the play-play-play of puppy class and the work-work-work of Advanced Puppy. Intermediate Puppy (a.k.a. Puppy Jr. High) is just that class. It’s for dogs 4-9 months old who have taken a puppy class at Ahimsa or elsewhere and have a good, but not perfect understanding of sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and leash walking. Read more about the Intermediate Puppy Training Class.

Advanced Puppy Training is now open to dogs that are 5-12 months who are ready for an off leash class. Students are welcome to retake Intermediate Puppy to prepare for this class or can skip Puppy Jr. High if they want a big challenge. Both classes are limited to 6 dogs.

The content for Advanced Puppy will be changing, now that we have Intermediate Puppy to prepare the students a bit more. So if you took Advanced Puppy before, and your dog is still under a year old, you can take the new Advanced Puppy. Sign up for either class at


Teach your dog to be brave! This class is for dogs who are shy or fearful around other dogs or people, but not aggressive (some barking and mild warning growls are okay). The next round of this calm, confidence-boosting class begins on Saturday, October 13th at 5 p.m. Sign up at


Rally Obedience (also called Rally-O or just Rally) is an exciting new dog sport, where dog and handler teams navigate a course made up of between 10 and 20 different stations. This is a good class to take after Better Manners.


This one-hour workshop is your chance to start getting your dog used to babies and their equipment (swings, strollers, etc.). Mireille will give you ways to prepare your dog for bringing home a baby, or to prepare for visits with the grandkids. Cost is $50. The next one is November 17, 5-6 p.m. Sign up at


This is a great team sport. You don’t have to compete, you just have to want to play with your dog. Check out the schedule for the new agility classes and Jump Into Agility workshops. Schedule and sign-up page is at


Well, first the bad news. We weren’t TopDog. Not exactly. But we did get more TopDog votes than any other trainer in Seattle. How can this be? Is this some kind of repeat of the 2000 election? No…it’s just that CityDog is now a NW magazine, representing more than just the city of Seattle. The other place is in Woodinville. Ahimsa Dog Training of Seattle was a “close second.” Do you suppose we could say we won TopDog honors for Seattle? Anybody else have another way to spin that? Let me know!