Vet Visits and Grooming

This class is for puppies 4 to 7 months of age to learn the basics of grooming and body handling.

Introduction to Vet Visits and Grooming for Puppies (4 to 7 months old)

Body handling, grooming, and nail trims by “strangers” can be scary for puppies! They will often squirm, wiggle, or run away. Learn how to use positive training instead of using force to get puppies to do what is needed for their physical health and well-being. This class focuses on introducing body handling procedures done by pet professionals at a pace appropriate for your young puppy.

By familiarizing them to common routines used by pet professionals, we give them the tools to navigate their first experiences with unfamiliar people handling them.

This class  includes a free dog training clicker and an instant download of 100+ page dog training manual.

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