Possession Aggression Workshop

Learn how to see the signs, prevent, and manage resource guarding.

Does your dog stiffens, growls or snaps when people try to take things away? Then sign up to bring your dog to this class! We will teach you techniques to help you manage and train your dog so that he drops items willingly. This class is also good for people who want to prevent their dogs from developing resource guarding.

You will learn what dogs might guard and why, what “resource guarding” looks like and how to work on resource guarding with people and between dogs.

This class includes a free dog training clicker, a free instant download of our 150+ page  Ahimsa Dog Training Manual. You can also purchase a hard copy of the book at the training center in Ballard.

Note: Two people from the same household can attend for each registration in this class.

Class Name Day Time Date(s) TrainerRegister Price

Class Name Day Time Date(s) TrainerRegister Price

If the class you want is full, let us know! Add yourself to the wait list. We will contact you if there is an opening in that class or when new Possession Aggression lectures are posted to the website.