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Poison in Green Lake, Halloween Tips

Here is the October newsletter. Enjoy!

Hi folks, we have a few important announcements:

1. Toxic algae in Green Lake (Seattle)

Please do not let your dogs drink from the lake right now. It is poisonous.

2. Vote for Ahimsa! Every vote counts. 🙂

We would really appreciate your vote for Ahimsa in the Best of Western Washington Contest. Voting ends very soon, so please vote today. If you have a chance to also leave a comment, that would be great! The more specific, the better. We are close to winning again, but we need some more votes:

If you vote for us, you can use the coupon code VOTE at checkout to save 10% off of Grisha’s new book, the “Ahimsa Dog Training Manual” – as a paperback or ebook. (Okay, you can use it if you don’t vote, too, but we’d still appreciate the vote!) The coupon is good for 4 days, which is when the voting ends.

3. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for people, but it can be hard for dogs. Please keep the candy in a safe place away from your dog and give your dog a safe and happy place to be when the trick-or-treaters come. Stuff several Kongs in advance and pop them in the freezer. Use low-sodium chicken broth, boiled or baked pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, or wet dog food (or all mixed together). Put up a baby gate or keep your dog in a room away from the front door (preferably not alone) if your dog or puppy might escape, so that you don’t have to pay as much attention. If you have a dog with aggression issues, turn out your lights or go outside with your candy so that the doorbell doesn’t ring. 🙂

Thanks again for voting at – only 4 days left!

The happy Ahimsa Staff

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