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New Dog Toy: Pogo Plush

Ok, I love the new toy that Premier pet products featured a new toy at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference this year: the Pogo Plush. I brought home two of them, of course – one for each dog. They were an instant hit! The pogo is a plush toy, but there’s no stuffing (read: no mess), yet it feels like stuffing, because there’s a rubber frame inside. Genius!

The squeaker is free-floating, so even though Peanut is an excellent toy surgeon, the squeaker still works!!

We now have the lovely Pogo Plush squeaky toy in our store, or at least, we will have them very soon. Enough said. P.S. We can’t get them to you by Christmas, but your dog doesn’t know what the date is, anyway. It will make a lovely First Toy of the New Year.