Play and Train for Puppies

Play and Train for Puppies

Supervised Play Time for Puppies with You as an Active Participant!  

For puppies from 8 weeks up to 20 weeks old (older than 5 months – only with instructor permission).

Thursdays 2:15 to 3:00pm 

Please do not bring your puppy if  you are also going to off leash parks or daycare. This class is designed to allow puppies a safe, clean socialization opportunity.  Puppies are grouped by play style to help keep shy puppies from being overwhelmed. Ahimsa trainer(s) supervising the Play and Train will help owners select the appropriate play group for their dog as well as coach owners on when and how to intervene to keep the social experience positive.

Purchase one play time or a play pass – buy 5 to get one free. Choose the dates you want when you register or manage your reservation online by going to Swap Your Sessions

To see the schedule and the price, click on the registration table.

Play & Train Notes:

Kids: Well-mannered children are allowed. Children should not run & play with the dogs during the dogs’ play time. The Play & Train is designed for puppies to learn how to socialize with each other. It’s a busy environment and the Ahimsa staff will be focused on ensuring that puppies are safe and confident. If you bring children to attend the play time, chances are good that we’ll ask them to hang out quietly in their own area since not all puppies are comfortable with children, and most puppies get very excited when kids run or play near them, which can escalate play and even get your child nipped by an overexcited puppy.