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Rebecca Bogdan
Assistant Trainer, Play & Train, Private Trainer, Puppy Camp

Rebecca discovered her passion for training in 2004, exhibiting in various canine sports, including agility, conformation, obedience, rally, and lure coursing with her dogs and others’ throughout the United States and Canada. In 2008, she began to instruct classes at a non-profit training club and introduced clicker training to her dogs, opening her own in-home training business two years later. A few years after moving to Washington State, she re-opened her training business in 2017, starting with Ahimsa just one month later.

She completed her AA in Interpreter Education, specializing in American Sign Language, where she interpreted for deaf/deaf-blind individuals and examined the qualities of ASL’s various regional dialects. Her BA is through the University of Oklahoma’s Liberal Studies program with an emphasis on evaluating the quality and impact of citations. As Rebecca’s initial experiences with training included manipulating dogs’ behavior through more traditional methods of corrections, pain, avoidance, and intimidation, she has since adopted a philosophy of nonviolence, committed to helping others learn how to train their dogs with compassion and creativity to sidestep negative fallout from training. She lives with Homer, a twelve-year old Portuguese water dog who is probably taking a nap.

Rebecca currently works in Ahimsa’s Puppy Camp, teaches private lessons, and assists with puppy and adult dog classes.