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Kara Main-Hester, Ph.D.
Private Trainer

Kara Main-Hester was the Manager of Volunteer Programs and Fundraising at the Seattle Animal Shelter. During that time and with help from Ahimsa Dog Training, she converted the shelter’s training programs to focus on positive, scientifically-based techniques that rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and ensured that they found their forever home. She has worked with dogs from severe cruelty, dog fighting and hoarding cases.

Kara is most passionate about helping dogs with reactivity, anxiety, impulse control issues and drive. She also has a special spot in her heart for rescue dogs and solving dog-cat relationship issues. She has partnered with Ahimsa Dog Training since 2009 and interned since 2014 and has been a speaker for the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA and the University of Washington’s Law School and Applied Animal Behavior Certificate Program.

Kara is a published academic author and has a Ph.D. in Microbiology. She shares her home with her rescued pit bull – Mavis, two cats – Henri and Evinrude.

If you are in a dog training class or private dog training lesson at Ahimsa with Kara and would like to contact her specifically about that session, you can email her directly at For general questions about Ahimsa Dog Training, please contact us at, call 206-364-4072, or use our contact form.