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November News

* Workshops this week: Coming When Called, Fraidy Dog, Baby-Proofing Your Dog
* Online dog training forum is up and running!
* Featured product at the store.
* Free Training Practice class moving to Mondays.
* TIP: Teaching your dog to fetch.


We have three workshops this week!

Coming when called is a workshop for sprucing up your dog’s recall. Fraidy Dog is a workshop for teaching your dog to get over her fears of strangers, loud noises, other dogs, etc. In the Baby-Proofing workshop, you’ll get useful tips on getting your dog used to babies. If you’re expecting or think your dog might be around children during the holidays, I highly recommend this workshop. Click for dog workshop Info.

Click to register for a workshop

We also have a Jump Into Agility workshop on November 30th. Register Here.


Join other Ahimsa students (and some others) on this Seattle forum about dogs. Get training tips, help with socialization, and more!


The KeepSafe Breakaway safety collar is a very important bit of equipment. Dogs can strangle when their collars or harnesses catch on crates, bushes, or other obstacles. When not attached to a leash, the KeepSafe collar pops open under pressure and helps keep your dog safe and sound. Current sizes are for bigger dogs, but I’ve just ordered a batch for the little guys. Order a Keepsafe Breakaway Collar online or get one in class.


The Free Training Practice sessions are open to all clients that have registered for a 6-week class at Ahimsa (current, past, or future). Just bring your shot records to the first session. The session is switching from Thursday to Mondays. This Thursday, there’s a session from 6:30-7:30 and next week at 7:15, we’re on Mondays.

Click for Practice Class info or check out the schedule for times and skip dates.


If your dog picks up a toy and runs around with it, try walking away and clicking right before she gets to you. She’s likely to drop the toy. Toss her a treat while you pick up the toy to throw again. For complete details, go to the Teaching Your Dog to Fetch article in the blog.

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Now available at our online store: The Comfort Trainer head collar. Power-steering for your dog that’s easier to get used to than the Halti or Gentle Leader head collar. Available in the training center or at our online dog store. We can ship to you or you can save shipping by picking your purchases up in class.

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