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New issue of Whole Dog Journal

We have the latest issue of Whole Dog Journal. If you have a dog that has issues walking by other people, dogs, bikes, etc., you won’t want to miss this issue!

October 2009 articles:

  • Good Growling? 5 things to do when your dog growls at you
  • Passing Fancy – How to teach your dog to calmly walk on-leash past other people, other dogs, bicyclists, skateboarders — you name it!
  • Needing Pain Relief – acupuncture
  • Do as I Say, Not as I Do – Even the best-informed owners can make mistakes with their dogs
  • Positive Show-Offs – Clickers and treats work as well for training show dogs as they do for the family pet.
  • Rally Obedient Dogs – Handlers can encourage and even reward their dogs in the show ring in this very fun sport, “rally obedience”

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