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More convenient class times – 2nd training room!

Happy spring! The construction on our second training room is almost complete. It looks like we will be good to go on April 1st. It’s adjacent to our main training room in Seattle (Ballard) and I’m hoping we’ll occasionally be able to open it up and use both rooms for bigger classes.

I’ve been busy adding more classes for you to our schedule this week. We have new Puppy Jr. High, Growly Dog classes, Puppy Kindergarten, play times, and Advanced Manners classes. Because of the 2nd training room, you can take classes at even more convenient times, including weekend mornings. Those have been reserved for puppies for the last several years, because we want the room to be pristine. Now the adult dogs can use their own room in the morning. Yay!

We also added 5 new weekly Puppy Kindergarten classes, for a total of 15, including a third class for baby puppies (under 12 weeks). Puppy class sizes will now be limited to 8 instead of 10.

We are also pondering a Backyard Sports class with Freestyle and Agility and a Problem Solving class in which you have time to ask a trainer for help with particular problems you are having. Let me know if you are interested in either of those.

We’ll have a North and South classrooms. The North entrance is the one we’ve already been using and the South entrance will be the door on the south side of the building (on NW 49th St) that many people already thought was our door. That will be the entrance to the little store, and students will just walk through that to get to the South classroom.

Yes, that’s right – we’ll have a little store, with some high quality food, toys, treats, and other products. Store hours will match the training classes, plus a few choice other times. That means more speedy shipping for our online friends and the ability to get great stuff from Ahimsa if you are in Seattle. The store should open up in April.

If you have a minute to fill out a quick survey, it would be very helpful to us!