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Flier for Fear, Aggression, & Play seminar Sept 11-12

I just created a flier for the upcoming aggression and play seminar in Seattle. If you have a dog in your neighborhood that barks or lunges at you or your dog, put these fliers up near those houses or at nearby coffee shops – maybe your neighbors will attend and learn to help their dog! Or you could be less subtle and leave one on their doorstep. 🙂

If you want to learn more about aggression or play, you have a dog yourself that needs help, or you are a dog trainer, behaviorist, or dog walker, you will be so glad if you take the time to attend this weekend of workshops.

  • Download the Black and White version
  • Download the Color version

p.s. We have people coming from all over the country for this big event. Whether you’re driving in from Oregon and BC or flying from California, it’s going to be worth it!

p.p.s. We have donated 90 delicious Westin-made boxed lunches to Homeward Pet Rescue, and they will be taking donations for the lunches at the seminars.