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Living Like a Dog

There are many things that I’m glad I don’t do in the doggie fashion, like sniffing poo on the ground or rolling in smelly carcasses. But one thing that I’m so glad that my dog does and can share with me is the ability to live in the moment.

I don’t really know what he’s thinking, but I do know that my dog seems to put 100% of his attention into whatever is happening. “Are we walking? Let’s BE on this walk and see what is here to see and smell what is here to smell.”

“Are we lying down on the couch?” Peanut asks. “Then I’m going to relax fully and stay here until the spirit moves me. You may stop petting when you get lost in thought, but I will notice and tell you that I need more.”

If I were to ask Peanut, “how are you?” He might say, “I’m breathing, you’re talking to me, so that’s good. I feel no pain, I’m great!” or “I’m looking at something scary, I’m afraid.” We probably wouldn’t hear, “Well, last night I didn’t catch that squirrel and ‘m worried about the getting the results of yesterday’s vet visit.” He probably has no ruminations about what’s missing in the past or what is meant to be in the future, just an honest assessment of the current moment.

So, how are you, right now?