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January Newsletter – Ahimsa on the Radio!

We are completely excited to announce that our radio show on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM starts next week! We also have other great January happenings, so please read on.

1. Best of Seattle

We may not have actually shared this news yet, so… Thanks to your votes last fall, Ahimsa Dog Training was second place in the Best of Western Washington contest–first among the training facilities in the Seattle area. So thank you!!

2. January is Train Your Dog Month

In honor of Train Your Dog Month, we are giving shelters and other official non-profit organizations (including flyball and obedience clubs, etc.) a 30% discount on the book, “The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: A Practical, Force-Free Guide to Problem Solving & Manners.” If you got your dog from a shelter, consider giving back by donating a copy of this book (although you might check with them first to see if they have it, as the very first thing we did this month was give away 150 copies of the book to shelters and other non-profits). Info is at

3. “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” Radio Show

Grisha, Adriane, and Wynona will be representing Ahimsa as co-hosts of the new show, “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!” This show will air on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM on Sundays in Seattle, but will be available via streaming anywhere in the world. Adriane, Wynona, Grisha, and another trainer (Joey Iversen) will take turns co-hosting with radio personality Shawn Stewart. Please call in with your questions or post them on the contact page for the show (soon there will be a Facebook page so you can facebook your questions).

4. New Workshops: Puppy Survival and Dog Aggression 101

If you haven’t trained for a while, get back in the game! Teach your dog some new tricks using the skills we taught you in class, or come sharpen up your skills even more by joining us for a class or workshop. We have two great new workshops, in addition to Jumping Up, Possession Aggression, Come Here!, Bravery Boost, and Walking, Puppy Survival is a free screening of Grisha’s “Give Your Puppy a Choice” DVD, followed by a Q&A on puppy issues with a trainer. The Dog Aggression 101 workshop is a great first step in the journey toward helping your reactive dog act ‘normal’ again.

Info on the workshops is at and information on classes is at

5. North to Alaska

Ahimsa’s owner, Grisha Stewart, moved to Alaska last month, but she uses technology to continue to supervise the great work done here at Ahimsa. She will also be stopping off in Seattle when she flies to give seminars to other trainers around the world. Adriane Villanueva (manager) and Ali Messinger (assistant manager) are here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns. They have been successfully managing Ahimsa all year, with Grisha traveling for seminars, so it’s not actually a giant change to have Grisha living in Alaska. (For Ahimsa, that is…Grisha’s dog, Peanut, now has to wear a coat and booties for his walks!)

6. New illustrations for the Ahimsa Manual

The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: Force-Free Problem Solving and Training’ has a brand new set of illustrations! We have also cleaned up some typos for this version and clarified a few points. Lili Chin is the illustrator for the Ahimsa Manual and Grisha’s other book, Behavior Adjustment Training. For info on all of Grisha’s books and DVDs, visit and to see a chapter preview of the Ahimsa Manual, see

7.. Did you know?

If you see a dog in a yellow harness, collar, or leash, or see any other yellow on the dog (like a ribbon), that means the dog needs space from people and/or other dogs and you should avoid them (in heat, scared, sick, aggressive, jumpy, in training, etc.). This is a new rule that is taking hold all around the world. Please share it with your dog friends and all people, really, because they may come into contact with dogs. Here is some information about the international Yellow Dog Project:

p.s. We have yellow harnesses and leashes in our store!

p.p.s. If you are a trainer who is interested in a tax-deductible trip to Alaska this summer, take a look at the 5-day BAT Instructor’s course in Anchorage: Or for something more exotic, try Portugal next month: