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Do Dogs Laugh?

There is some research on dogs being able to laugh. It’s like a fast huffy panting noise. Shelter dogs who heard recordings of dog laughter reportedly quieted down.

Whether you think the research is solid or not, it’s still fun to play around with. I have used laughter (my own version of dog laughter) to help dog greetings go well and to calm down tense play in puppy kindergarten.

Here’s what my version of dog laughter sounds like. I usually am close to the dog when I do it and have a soft, squinty expression on my face.

Dog Laughter (made by me)

p.s. As I was recording, my dogs’ tails wagged as if they knew I was trying to laugh at them. When I played my recording back for my dogs and they didn’t move a muscle. So it’s anybody’s guess as to whether I’m doing this right!

Here’s one from

What does your dog do when you try it? Post in the comments.