Growly Dog

If walking your dog has become stressful because of barking, lunging, or growling at other dogs, Growly Dog class can help.

Growly Dog class is not for aggression toward humans. If your dog has shown aggression toward people, please click here for info on private behavior sessions.

If taking your dog for a walk has become stressful because of their barking, lunging, or growling at other dogs, Growly Dog class can help. We’ll help you learn the practical skills necessary to keep your dog from practicing this behavior.  Get started on improving your dog’s social skills so that walks can be more fun for both of you.

We keep our classes small so that we can make sure you receive some one-on-one coaching. We strive to set  you and your dog up for success.

To register for Growly Dog Class, you must first register for Fear and Aggression 101. Once you register for Fear and Aggression, you will receive an email with a link to the Fear and Aggression Instructions page that has the code to enable Growly Dog registration below:

Class Name Day Time Date(s)Skip Date(s) TrainerRegister Price
Growly DogSun2:45pm-3:45pm4/7 to 4/28-
Growly DogSun1:30pm-2:30pm4/7 to 4/28-
Growly DogSat9:00am-10:00am4/13 to 5/4-
Growly DogSat7:45am-8:45am4/13 to 5/4-
Growly DogSat10:15am-11:15am4/13 to 5/4-
Growly DogSat10:15am-11:15am5/11 to 6/85-25
Growly DogSat9:00am-10:00am5/11 to 6/85-25
Growly DogSat7:45am-8:45am5/11 to 6/85-25
KenTo Register
Please Enter Code From
Fear And Aggression Instructions Page

If the class you want is full, let us know! Add yourself to the wait list. We will contact you if there is an opening in that class or when new Growly Dog classes are posted to the website. If you see a class that works for your schedule, please register now. We will contact you and transfer your reservation to an earlier class if there is an opening or when new Puppy Elementary classes are posted to the website.

Class structure:

4 sessions, 1.25 hrs per session.

Week 1: Introductions and foundations. The dogs will come into the training center individually to give them a chance to get familiar with the space and with the instructor, and we may demonstrate how to teach a relevant obedience behavior as well. When it is not your dog’s turn, they’ll need to wait in the car or go for a walk with another person they’re comfortable with.

Weeks 2-4: Training set ups. We’ll start the class with a check in and answer any questions that came up over the course of the past week, then we’ll have you practice the skills you’ve learned with the other students in the class so that your dog can be exposed to other dogs at a safe, controlled distance. The focus during these weeks is to hone your training technique and adjust our recommendations based on what’s working for you and your dog and gradually shrink their “bubble” (the distance at which they are comfortable with other dogs).