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Green Dog Training!

Ahimsa is brightAhimsa means "non-violence to all living things." At Ahimsa Dog Training, we think that the Earth qualifies as one of the living things we should be kind to.

Here are some of the ways that Ahima Dog Training is Green:

Ahimsa Dog Training is a Green Power Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our certificate is below. We are in the Green Power Partnership by virtue of the fact that we have made a committment to offset 100% of our electricity use with green power. Our certificate is below, or follow this link to see our short bio on the EPA website.

Green Power

We are also Platinum members of Seattle City Light's "Green Up" program. Platinum is their highest level for Green Up, and we are at the Platnum level because we have offset 100% of our electricity use with wind power for the classes we teach in Seattle.

In our office in Seattle, we use only recycled paper, reuse paper whenever possible, recycle (of course!) and repair things that break, rather than buying new items at the drop of a hat. Our heating oil and electricity use has been offset by wind power "Renewable Energy Credits."

At our main training center in Seattle, we no longer use paper towels for the bulk of our "accident" cleaning.  With the new system, we save over 12,000 paper towels a year! We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, including a food-grade enzyme cleaner for puppy accidents.  It's so safe that you could eat it (if it weren't on the floor). How's that for eco-friendly?

We also sell only natural or organic treats and dog food, purchased as locally as we can manage to reduce their carbon footprint. We look for treats that are healthy for dogs and healthy for the planet. Most of the toys we sell are extremely durable, made to last your dog's whole lifetime or more. When we ship products from our online store, we reuse boxes and packing materials.

When we host multi-day dog training seminars, we feed organic lunches, made locally, and encourage trainers to carpool and bring their own mugs.

Even our clickers are made of recyced materials!

Okay, so we do use a lot of training treats, but whenever possible, we use locally made treats, food that the dogs were going to eat anyway, or Life Rewards - permission to do things that they want to do, like go outside or walk quickly. "Speed" is a calorie free, 100% environmentally and dog-friendly treat.

It's not easy being Green, but these days, it's getting easier! If we all do our part, the world will be a better place!


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