Free Seminar – An Introduction To Dog Training by Ahimsa

This free 90-minute intro session is packed with useful dog training and problem solving tips meant to help our students learn the basics of positive dog training and prepare for our classes. Note: This class is for humans only, please leave your dog at home.

We will help you understand the ways that dogs learn and get an introduction to clicker training. We will discuss a useful, general way to teach your dog to stop doing behaviors that you don’t like.

The Free Seminar is also used as an orientation session for our dog and puppy training students, which is recommended for all Ahimsa classes in Seattle. You can also see an online version of the orientation, which covers a fair amount of what is covered in the live Free Seminar.

Class Name Day Time Date(s) Price
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm4/5Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm5/3Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm6/7Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm7/12Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm8/2Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm9/6Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm10/4Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm11/1Free
Free SeminarFri7:00pm-8:30pm12/6Free

You do not need to reserve or sign up for this session. Please just drop in!

Location: 925 NW 49th Street, Suite C, Seattle.  Click here for directions.


  • Please do NOT bring your dog to the seminar.
  • Note-taking materials.
  • Children are welcome in our classes.

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Please contact us or call us at 206-364-4072 if you have any questions about enrolling your dog at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.