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If you took multiple classes and have different opinions about them, please fill this out twice or just fill this out for the class that needs improvement.

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Please rate the following on a scale from one to five, five being "I agree strongly." Please enter the number "0" if the question does not apply to you.

Quality of Instruction:

  1.   The Trainer was friendly.
  2.   The Trainer was knowledgeable.
  3.   The class was well organized, in terms of how the content was arranged in class sessions.
  4.   Activity explanations were clear.
  5.   One-on-one explanations during activities were useful.
  6.   I would recommend this trainer.
  7.   I would recommend this class.
  8.   I would recommend Ahimsa Dog Training.


  1.   The facility was clean and well-maintained.
  2.   The facility size was adequate.
  3.   The number of students in the class was acceptable.
  4.   The use of the overhead projector was useful. (May not apply!)


  1.   I read through the instruction web page for my class or workshop. (Info was given in your confirmation email.)
  2.   I (or my dog) attended all of the classes.
  3.   I downloaded the homework. (Multi-session classes only.  Info was given in your confirmation email.)
  4.   I downloaded the handbook. (Info was given in your confirmation email.)
  5.   We did the homework.


Comments about what you think we should change to make our service more effective?  (instructor comments, activities, attitudes, details, suggestions for classes, marketing ideas, web page suggestions, methods, etc.)

Further comments on what you liked about Ahimsa Dog Training or your instructor(s)?

Other recommendations - your favorite / least favorite vet, groomer, pet shop in Seattle...etc. 

     Thanks for training your dog with Ahimsa Dog Training!

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