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Dogs on the Bus in Seattle (King County)

Seattle is a very dog-friendly city. Dogs can even ride the bus in Seattle, you just may have to pay for it. If you have a puppy, the bus is a lovely way to socialize your dog will lots of different people. Bringing a dog on the bus changes the dynamic – even the “normal” people on the bus will talk to you if you have a puppy!

Just don’t have a time schedule in mind, and get off of the bus before your puppy gets tired of all of the excitement. That may be one stop or your puppy may be ready for a ride to downtown Seattle. Better yet, take the bus to someplace calm, like the Washington Park Arboretum or out to the suburbs. That way, your puppy has a break to calm down and get some exercise between bus rides.

King County Metro bus system has a FAQ at The animal policy from that page is as follows:

“Service animals for persons with disabilities ride the bus without charge, as do small dogs that will fit in their owners’ laps. Large dogs, leashed, pay the same bus fare as their owner and may not occupy a seat, but should ride on the floor of the bus next to their owner.”

“Other animals, cats, etc. that are not service animals must be carried in appropriate pet carriers.”When Peanut was a puppy, I was teaching math at Seattle U and took him to work with me every day. My dogs had their own bus passes. Bring lots of treats, be ready to use “leave it” and keep an eye on your dog. You may be amazed at how many chicken bones your dog can find on the bus in Seattle.