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Dog Trainer Bios

We are lucky to have many excellent certified dog trainers contributing to our training program in Seattle, including three Certified Pet Dog Trainers and three Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners.   Each dog trainer's specialty at Ahimsa is listed below their name and photo. Click on either one to visit that trainer's biography page.

Dog Trainers on Staff

Adriane Villanueva
Amber Hardin
Carly Davis, dog trainer
Adriane Villanueva, CTP
Dog Training Classes, Orientation, Manager
Amber Hardin, MA, CPDT-KA
Dog Training Classes, Puppy Camp, Private Training
Carly Loyer, CPDT-KA
Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Frank Fu, dog trainer
Rachel Agent
Frank Fu
Puppy Camp, Growly Dog Classes
Rachel Agent, CPDT-KA, CTP
Puppy & Dog Training Classes, Teen Dog Play Time
Klara Hanincova, PhD, KPA CTP
Puppy Camp

Wynona Karbo
Grisha Stewart, dog trainer
Wynona Karbo, CPDT-KA
Owner, Puppy & Dog Training Classes, Private Sessions
Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, CTP
Ahimsa Founder


We are also lucky to have several fantastic volunteer dog training class assistants on board!!   Volunteers help out by moving things, a little cleaning up, getting jumped on by dogs for greeting practice, etc. As they get more knowledgeable, they might give dog training advice. To be eligible, volunteers have taken at least one of our dog training courses in Seattle or elsewhere.  Please click here if you are interested in volunteering.



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