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Seatbelts or Crates in the Car

When I was growing up, the concept of having a dog in a seatbelt was never even considered. Even having a baby in a strapped-in secure, safety-tested car seat was a pretty new idea. But now that they are available, would you take your newborn home from the hospital just sitting on the car seat next to you? Or on your lap when you drive?

Your dog, much like a newborn baby, turns into an elephant into an accident. What I mean by that is that at 30 miles per hour, your 60 pound dog will fly through the window or hit the back of your seat weighing 2700 pounds!  Most “car harnesses” only hold about 100-200 pounds, so be careful of what brand you pick. Avoid plastic or metal that is weight bearing, unless it’s very sturdy.

I think being secure in the car can also help with carsickness.

I always seatbelt my dogs in the car. I used to use a crate, but I now believe that a strength-tested harness is safer and takes up a lot less room in the car. It’s slightly more of a pain, because you have to buckle them in. I used to use the Roadie, which works fine, but now I use the PetBuckle, because I think it’s more comfortable and it’s also one-size fits all. (really – I use the same one for my 65 pound dog and her 12 pound best friend. I got mine from I usually have one at the training center if you want to look at it.

I recommend restraints in the car for any dog, even the ones who hold still, because it’s very hard to hold still when you’re flying through the windshield.