Ahimsa Dog Training, Seattle

Teen Dog Play Times in Seattle

Class Name Day Time Info Skip Date(s)
Play TimeWed12:45pm-1:45pmPuppies < 5 months11-25
Play TimeWed8:00pm-9:00pmSmall Dogs <20 lbs, over 5 mos11-25
Play TimeSat2:15pm-3:00pmPuppies < 5 months2-28
Play Time checkwith-instructorTeens 5+ months11-26

Puppy Play | Teen Dog Play | Small Dog Play

Who: Non-aggressive adolescent Puppies, 5-9 months old.

How Much: Play times are $10 per session or $50 for 6 sessions. Please bring cash or check or click here to buy a pass online (bring your receipt to play time).

When: See schedule above. We do not take reservations for play time, so please show up on time or early for a spot. 

Where: 3100 square foot Indoor facility with rubber matting at 925 NW 49th Street, Suite C, in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle.  Click here for directions.

Kids: Well-mannered children are allowed. Teenage dogs may knock them over, so you might not want to bring them.

What to Bring: Please bring your payment as cash or check, along with treats, shot records, and the dog on a non-retractable leash. All Parvo and Distemper shots must be complete, as some participants may be attending dog parks or daycare.   Kennel cough vaccinations are optional, but a good idea.

Noisy dog play at Grisha's house:

Confused? Please email info@doggiezen.com or call us at 206-364-4072 if you have any questions about which class(es) would be best for you at Ahimsa Dog Training in Seattle.



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